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A positive, bright, and stimulating atmosphere is necessary for an enjoyable rehab and wellness experience. EQPT is a custom-built studio with tons of natural light, bamboo floors, two beautiful mirrored studios, private treatment rooms, and hand selected original art from internationally recognized artists. Each treatment room is appointed with a manual therapy hi/lo mechanical treatment table, memory foam pillows and a skilled smiling clinician.

The clinic has state of the art equipment in the Alter G antigravity treadmill, a commercial grade total gym with a plyometric platform, oak stall bars, and video nystagmography for vestibular diagnostics and treatment.

EQPT is proud to feature the art of Michael Kagan with several prints around the office and a large 45×80 original oil on canvas as the clinic’s centerpiece. The waiting room has a fun vibe from a hand sculpted wall climber installation, and our private treatment rooms are filled with curated works from various artists and photographers. Feel free to inquire with the desk if you would like to communicate directly with any of our artists, we would love to make the intro for you!


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