Personalized Care & All-Natural Treatments
  1. Insurance
    Please ask Equilibrium to verify your acupuncture insurance benefits. Quite often acupuncture is covered by your plan, and we can provide you with this information upon request. Equilibrium handles all billing and claim submission on your behalf.
  2. Undivided Attention
    Modeled after the high-end acupuncture offices in San Francisco, I bring this to the East Coast: unhurried relaxation in your own tranquility base. You will be the center of attention, with your own private, clean, soundproofed room. The hour is yours.
  3. Holistic Health
    Traditional Chinese Medicine is holistic, so we begin with a thorough health intake to get a clear picture of what's going on. During your first appointment, I review your past and current ailments, lifestyle, diet, and anything else that's relevant to your primary health concern(s).
  4. Acupuncture - does it hurt?
    You may feel a slight prick at the needle site, but most patients do not feel any discomfort during and after treatments. Many instantly feel more relaxed, and even fall asleep! Your comfort is most important, so please feel free to let me know if anything is uncomfortable.
  5. Bodywork
    If needed, I apply Tui Na acupressure to further free any stagnating pain and tension. Other modalities such as cupping and moxibustion may also be administered as needed. Please see the Treatments home page for more information about different TCM modalities.
Meet Your Acupuncturist
Prisca Chen

Prisca Chen L.Ac. - Acupuncturist

Prisca was trained at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where she received her master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine with a certificate in Tui Na Asian Bodywork. She continued her training at various hospitals and clinics in San Francisco, China, and Guatemala before settling in New York City. She is a certified diplomate of Oriental Medicine by the NCCAOM and is licensed in New York and California.

In San Francisco, she worked with the medically under-served community at the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic. She also specialized in acupuncture for stroke and trauma recovery at the California Pacific Regional Rehabilitation Center of Sutter Hospital. For three years, she apprenticed with renowned fertility acupuncturist Dr. Lifang Liang, OMD, Ph.D., L.Ac., whose acupuncture techniques and secret herbal formulas helped hundreds of people start families. Her passion for traveling and the healing arts led her to study with TCM physicians in municipal hospitals affiliated with Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou, China, and with traditional Mayan healers in Peten, Guatemala through the organization Healer2Healer.

As a former dancer, she understands how important it is to stay active, how vital it is to get back to what you love doing as soon as possible, after getting side-tracked by injury, illness or pain. People have unique interests, with their own physical demands. She customizes each treatment to achieve the best results - there is no "protocol," as each treatment is unique.