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D. Youger, Ph.D., Psychologist

I have been working with Gabriel and the staff at Equilibrium PT for about 6 months now. I was referred by a colleague because I have a type of muscular dystrophy. He told me that he knew a really special physical therapist. I was skeptical because I have worked with many people in the past, but I took a leap of faith and contacted Gabriel. This was before he moved to the brand new location on east 78th street. I sent Gabriel a link describing my muscular dystrophy and when I met with him for the first time he had already read about it and done his own research. Gabriel has a very sophisticated understanding of the body and a holistic mind-body-spirit approach that is rare and refreshing. I immediately felt like he understood me and my condition and he was able to intuit where to go and what to do. Aside from the state-of-the-art equipment and the extremely knowledgeable staff, there is an energy there that is so wonderful. I can't recommend Gabriel and the staff at Equilibrium enough. This is the first time in my life that I love exercising. I have seen dramatic changes in my energy levels, flexibility, tension, balance, and strength. Whether you are dealing with an injury, illness, or just wanting to lose weight or strengthen your body, it is worth seeing for yourself!

M. Veale, Retired

Josh at Equilibrium did wonders with my elbow. I am using it as if I hadn't fractured it. The surgeon is very impressed. Also, the work Josh did with me for balance has given me much confidence. At my last visit he gave me a list of exercises and I shall follow them daily. I will be telling everyone how good you all are. Thanks for everything!

C. Gold, Medical Advocate

Having lived with fibromyalgia for more than 20 years, I approached Gabriel, an expert in Whole Body Vibration, about the possibility of utilizing this approach for needed exercise that I was otherwise unable to tolerate. Because of Gabriel's exceptional patience and unique expertise, I have progressed to a consistent twice weekly program, with increases in overall strength and endurance. Gabriel's knowledge is remarkable and his humanity would be hard to equal.

D. Toak, UN Employee

A few ankle sprains and a back injury later, Gabe and I have gotten to be friends. I have been to other physical therapists in the past, but never have I felt so safe and well taken care of. He is very warm and caring and I truly trust him. Through the work that I have done with him I have managed to strengthen my body and get balanced again. Vibration Therapy was also very helpful. I wouldn't go to anyone else for Physical Therapy. Being the hyper mobile person that I am, and prone to injury, Gabe and I joke that "we are gonna have a long relationship".

F. Van DenBulke, Diplomat

While preparing for the NYC marathon in the fall of 2009, I sustained a knee injury and was referred to Gabriel, who introduced me to the both the hands-on approach and the vibration platform. I immediately noticed a significant improvement in the pain and inflammation after just a couple treatments. The combination of manual therapy, stretching and the vibration therapy managed to get me ready in time for the marathon. I strongly recommend Equilibrium Physical Therapy to any runner with a knee injury!

C. Bilsky, Nurse

I am a competitive runner having raced coutless long distance races. Over the years the miles took a toll on my body and had to have my meniscus repaired. My surgeon recommended PT with Gabe post op. Gabe recognized my rehab needs and incorporated vibration therapy with strength training. I was racing in Central Park 4 months later.

Natasha Paremski, Classical Concert Pianist

I was recommended to Gabriel Ettenson by two of his clients for a pinched nerve in my neck. He was absolutely spectacular. He was able to diagnose the source and relieve the pain and tightness I had in such a short time! I would recommend him to anybody and everybody.

J. Andriola, Educator

I have been to other physical therapists, but have never experienced treatment as effective as this. Because the entire session is devoted to one patient, the various factors that affect range of motion and limitation of movement are acutely observed and accurately diagnosed. With noteworthy professionalism, Gabriel assessed my physical therapy needs and designed a program tailor made for me. I truly am well on my way to recovery and have been enlightened to the benefits of whole body vibration along the way!

T. Gamsu, Real Estate

Dear Gabriel,

Do you realize that I was about to have surgery on my knee when a surgeon from The Hospital for Special Surgery, after a thorough examination recommended that I first see you? I must tell you that I feel so fortunate and thankful for what your treatments have done for me. I have absolutely no problem with my knee at all. I am sure you remember my first visit with my big swollen knee and I could hardly walk. I do all the exercises daily that you prescribed and I will continue to do so. I thank you a million times.

D. Palacios, Office Manager

The one on one treatment I received at Equilibrium Physical Therapy for my upper back, shoulder and foot after surgery was incredible and it gave me the strength and desire to continue my home regimen. I looked forward to each and every appointment, excitedly. He taught me how to avoid having a repetition of pain by teaching me ways to take the work load off my back and build up other muscles to alleviate stress to painful areas. He taught me how to make a habit of using my muscles correctly. I am now able to resume my pre-injury exercise regimen without pain. Gabriel's expertise is outstanding, and his warm and caring approach really helped to motivate me to apply his suggestions. I recommend physical therapy to anyone who has need of it, and I would not hesitate to see Gabriel for any problem in the future or recommend him as an expert in his field.

L. Salm, Retired

I have been treated by numerous physical therapist but never, ever had the terrific results after treatment from Gabriel Ettenson. I am moving faster and more fluidly. I also, for the most part, keep up with my exercises and they are just right for me. There is no one like him, I can assure you of that.

A. Gunning, UN Human Resources

I first consulted Gabe simply because he was based in my apartment building. But after I met him I knew that no matter where he was, I would follow him and, I have. I had only been to physio once before, and it was in a cramped room with several other patients, with no privacy, and treated intermittently by two or three therapists in a 30 minute period, none of whom seemed to be liaising with the other. Gabe devotes an entire 45 minutes just to YOU. Gabe has a lot of integrity, and is "happy" to say farewell; he never tries to prolong treatment for his own (financial) benefit. He is very caring and empathetic; he gets to know you so that he can take an holistic approach to your treatment.

Actually, he can be quite tough (in a good way) in giving advice and proposing lifestyle and other changes (if need be) but he is eternally gentle in his touch and takes the time to explain what he is doing and why. All I can say is - put yourself in Gabe's able hands and mind. (And don't wait until you have an injury - Gabe can help you to keep fit and well and mitigate the ravages of aging limbs and muscles - try the vibration therapy too).

C. Gallander, Artist

Since 2004, Gabriel Ettenson at Equilibrium Physical Therapy has been working me on my various physical therapy problems, always with successful results. As I have been to quite a few other physical therapists before I started with him, I am able too make important comparisons.He is knowledgeable, beyond belief, of the body's systems of bones, muscles, nerves, etc. and as a result is always able to quickly get to the heart of the problem. Because he is a professionally schooled physical therapist from a top university and has continually updated himself in the newest and best therapy techniques for the many problems that can occur, he is able to efficiently attain relief and correction of existing problems. And VERY important, he spends the full time and attention with each patient for the entire period of each appointment, never a brief period with him and then the balance of the appointment with lesser trained assistants. I would never consider going to another physical therapist for any problem and can unequivocally recommend Gabriel Ettenson.

A. Canick, Retired

I have had balance problems for the past three years, and have been treated by various physical therapists without much noticeable improvement.

I began equilibrium vibration therapy with Gabriel Ettenson approximately six months ago, and I have greater endurance and can walk a few miles without weaving side to side, and I take longer strides. I do carry a walking stick, but hold it rather than use it constantly. I choose to climb stairs rather than take an elevator when possible, and am trying to improve my posture.

I think Gabriel is the most caring, intelligent physical therapist that I have encountered.

J. Anello, Advertising Executive

Initially I went to Equilibrium for help with knee pain. Through vibration treatment, Gabe was not only able to eliminate my pain and improve my flexibility but also my core strength. The vibration routine that was added to mny therapy program has been highly effective for me with very little effort on my part. I always believed the treatment worked but just the other day I was surprised at how much I had improved since starting the treatment. I highly recommend Gabriel as a Physical Therapist.

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