Post Operative Rehab

Post-operative management does not have a cookie cutter outline to follow. Every surgery has a different protocol of progression, and every surgeon has a different preference for each protocol. That said, each patient progresses with variability, and it’s imperative that a skilled physical therapist guides you through your recovery with attention to your individual case and rate of recovery. Your rehab must be tailored to you, taking into account your specific post-operative goals. This could mean returning to community ambulation, or back on the field in a competitive environment.

EQPT utilizes the latest technology in post-operative management. The Alter G antigravity treadmill is used as a focal point to facilitate earlier weight-bearing and the restoration of gait mechanics for lower extremity injuries. It’s a special piece of equipment that can get you back on your feet sooner, and it’s changing the way we manage many postoperative conditions.

Alter G
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