Dr. Patrick Dorangricchia

Physical Therapist | Pat@equilibriumpt.com

Patrick DorangricchiaJohn Patrick Dorangricchia PT DPT earned his BS in Health Sciences with a concentration in Medical Informatics at Stony Brook University and his Doctor of Physical Therapy at Long Island University.

Prior to entering full time academia, Dr. Dorangricchia practiced at NYU Langone Health Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine for 10 years where he received advanced training in vestibular and neurological rehabilitation and continues to work on a per diem basis. Dr. Dorangricchias’ expertise lies in the assessment and treatment of dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance resulting from peripheral and central vestibular disorders. Recently, he had a poster at the APTA Combined Sections Meeting which was named the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy Vestibular Rehabilitations Special Interests Groups’ “Best Overall and Case Poster Presentation,” titled “Improved Balance Post Resolution of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo in an Ataxic Patient: Case Report.” He has lectured for the New York Physical Therapy Association regarding Vestibular Rehabilitation and has appeared on Sirius XM Doctor Radio – The Otolaryngology Show as a guest expert in vestibular rehabilitation. He has also appeared on the Rusk Insight on Rehabilitation Medicine Podcast where he spoke about providing vestibular rehabilitation and prosthetic gait training.

Dr. Dorangricchia served as a clinical instructor in both inpatient and outpatient settings at Rusk Rehabilitation and has provided mentorship to colleagues regarding vestibular and neurological rehabilitation. His other clinical and teaching interests include prosthetic gait training, chest physical therapy, and medically complex rehabilitation. In his spare time, Dr. Dorangricchia enjoys outdoor adventures with his 3 daughters and anything involving food.