Marian Law

Assistant Practice Manager |

Marian LawMarian’s focus is seamless patient care coordination to help patients navigate their physical therapy experience. Her career in the physical therapy industry spans thirteen years and include single clinic private practices as well as large corporate models with a regional management structure . Marians passion is assisting patients to navigate the challenges in a confusing healthcare industry.  This includes simplifying the maze of insurance requirements, creating innovative ways to target patient’s needs, and educating and guiding patients as they journey through their physical therapy care. Her approach is patient centric. She is committed to positive patient outcomes, and her compassion and dedication shapes her career. She herself has been a patient of physical therapy. She remembers what her first treating physical therapist once said: the human body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, but it needs encouragement. The physical therapy care she had received allowed her to live an unrestricted life. Her compassionate-filled and dedicated physical therapy experiences continue to resonate with her. These experiences have also shaped her love for the physical therapy industry. Unlocking a patient’s ability to live and unrestricted life from great PT care strikes a personal chord with her.  Marian is a health and wellness enthusiast, a foodie, and an a love for travel. Her foodie experiences focus on innovative healthy food options. Her healthy pursuits are a strong example for patients who wish to pursue healthy lifestyle options as they journey in their physical therapy care. She is an ice-skating enthusiast, and she also regularly follows both elite and collegiate gymnastics.