Trish Nichols, LMT – Massage Therapist

Trish Nichols, LMT – Massage Therapist

Trish is a graduate of the Cortiva Institute in Tucson and has been practicing massage therapy for over 5 years. Trish specializes in therapeutic/pain management massage and has experience working with many orthopedic diagnoses. Her treatments are designed to facilitate relief, improve tissue extensibility, and restore optimal range of motion.

Trish utilizes many modalities to meet the needs of each individual client. During treatment, clients can expect to experience a blend of techniques such as Swedish, Deep tissue, Myofascial release, that stretching, trigger point therapy, and cupping. Each treatment is a team effort, and communication between the therapist and client plays a vital role in successful outcomes.

Trish is passionate about overall wellness and believes in remaining client-centered and tailoring treatments to specific needs. Her hope with every client is to help them move with more ease and ultimately live more comfortably in their own bodies.


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