Total Gym

Total Gym is an angular variable resistance device. It uses your body weight against the pull of gravity as the load, which means Total Gym doesn’t lock you into one position or movement. You can train in all three planes of motion: front to back, side-to-side and rotational.

Total Gym allows a full, free range of motion of the joints, and builds strength by working major muscle groups together in concert with the core stabilizers of the abdomen and back.

The total gym simulates functional movements, which is key in both the rehabilitation and performance setting. Functional exercises create stronger more stable muscles than isolation exercises because they encourage the muscles of the body to work together imitating real-life activities.

The total gym is a great tool in the rehab of many injuries, including post-operative management. The closed chain foot platform is perfect for retraining knee and hip loading, restoring gait mechanics, and retraining stair decent using eccentric loading.