School Partnership

Equilibrium is excited to partner with your elementary or high school to promote wellness and injury prevention. There is no cost to the school for this relationship, as we are passionate about educating our youth as well as parents in our community about injury prevention and best training practices.

Upon request we offer several services for students, teachers, coaches, and parents.

For Teachers

Postural Workshops:

How to teach students good sitting posture and review what environment and positioning are best to do work in the home. We will also review postural exercises that student can do in class for a 2 minute “break out” to improve posture and assist with focus and attention.

For Student Athletes

The Sneaker Consult: Alignment Screens and Foot Typing

We hold an event with students and their parents and provide alignment screens to evaluate foot biomechanics. We then recommend what type of sneaker is best for the student. Occasionally there is a need for orthotics which we can fabricate in the clinic with a scheduled appointment. Orthotics have been demonstrated in the literature to reduce the risk of ACL injury. Controlling foot pronation with an orthotic prevents valgus (inward) forces on the knee which makes the ACL susceptible to injury.

ACL Prevention Workshop:

We hold an event with students and coaches where we teach an ACL prevention program which is supported by literature to reduce the risk of ACL injury. The ACL is susceptible to injury from valgus (inward) forces on the knee which are often caused by weak hip external rotator musculature. We teach how to strengthen these muscles while simulating sport specific loading patterns. Controlling foot pronation with an orthotic also prevents valgus (inward) forces on the knee, so we also include foot biomechanical screens during this workshop.

Scoliosis Screening:

We set up a screening station with our board-certified pediatric specialist who specializes in scoliosis diagnostics and treatment. We advise management strategies and set up a specific scoliosis program in the clinic if needed.

On Call Services

We provide your coaches and parents with the email address of our clinical director and lead patient care coordinator to make sure the student is evaluated and treated at the clinic within 24 hours.

For Administrators and Teachers:

We provide a 10% discount on all Wellness services for teachers and administrators of affiliated school programs.

*If you would like to your school to develop a relationship with Equilibrium Physical therapy, please reach out directly to the owner, Dr. Matthew Rome.

Dr. Matt Rome


Dr. Matt Rome, PT, DPT, OCS

Owner, Physical Therapist |