TMJ/TMD Management

Dysfunction of the Temporomandibular joint can be painful and debilitating. Managing the TMJ requires a multifocal approach including manual therapy, postural and core muscle training, activity modifications, and bite and dental management,

Dr. Eleanor Chiger is highly experienced with the treatment of TMJ/TMD.  She is a skilled manual therapist trained in mandibular mobilization and soft tissue techniques to restore range of motion and reduce pain. She utilizes myofascial release techniques to reduce guarding and spasm of the jaw musculature, focusing on the pterygoids, masseter, and temporalis, as well as the related structures of the orofacial and upper cervical regions.  Dr. Chiger will take you through a thorough examination to evaluate and treat the root causes of the dysfunction, not just the acute symptoms.

We also have relationships with many dental practices to provide comprehensive and collaborative treatment for your symptoms, including fabrication of oral appliances as appropriate.

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