Orthotic Fabrication

Our lower extremity experts cast and mold your orthotics on site after performing a thorough lower quarter alignment exam from head to toe. We evaluate your skeletal alignment, gait mechanics, forefoot to rearfoot structure, and foot type before casting your feet. We then decide with you what materials would be best suited for your foot structure considering the types of shoes you prefer to wear and what activities you will be performing.

A rigid high arched “cavus” foot often is accompanied by a supinated gait and is best supported by compliant materials to aide in force attenuation. For this we prefer to use cork, leather, and foams of variable density. A flat “planus” foot often leads to a pronated gait and is best controlled by a rigid supportive material such as graphite, or plastics.

We consider your anatomy and personal preferences to design the perfect custom orthotic for your feet.