Personal Training

Let our experienced and highly skilled Personal Trainers take you to the next level beyond your recovery or assist you in your pursuits to optimize and enhance performance!

Weakness patterns and de-conditioning can lead to injury just as injury can lead to de-conditioning. Strength and flexibility training must never end with discharge from physical therapy. Physical fitness must be a lifestyle change and lifetime goal. It must always be a focus and must never be forgotten.

The great advantage of training at equilibrium is the direct line of communication between the physical therapists and personal trainers about your current fitness goals as well as your limitations. We are able to motivate and push you through a progressive program while maintaining a safe and guided environment should there be any acute or chronic injury in your history.

To get started, feel free to book the first session directly with a personal trainer. If you prefer, you may first schedule a comprehensive evaluation with a physical therapist who can then discuss your specific case directly with your new trainer.

Check our Alter G antigravity treadmill and Total Gym for some fun cutting-edge equipment to play with!

Alter G
Total Gym