Schroth Scoliosis Management

The Schroth technique is a proven system to analyze and treat spinal curvatures. It is a system which is truly mastered by very few experienced providers in New York. Efrat Cohen is our resident specialist who has worked with scoliosis and kyphosis patients for over 2 decades and is known as an authority in the field.

The Schroth method aims to de-rotate and elongate the spine to improve posture and reduce pain with a three-dimensional technique. This is achieved by performing precise exercises tailored to correcting your specific spinal curvature. Using the rib cage as a lever, shortened musculature is stretched while elongated musculature is shortened and strengthened. Rotational breathing exercises are used to assist the manipulation of the curve and increase lung expansion.

The intent of Schroth treatment is the reduction of the spinal curve, halting curve progression, and preventing or improving spine pain and respiratory dysfunction. Schroth also has demonstrated efficacy with improving spinal aesthetics with postural corrections.

The key tool of any Schroth specialist is a set of stall bars. We have a beautiful fully loaded oak wall mounted set of stall bars which you will use for a variety of Schroth techniques. Any scoliosis specialist who doesn’t have wall mounted stall bars is not a scoliosis specialist!