What Is Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy?

What Is Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy?

All EQPT physical therapists are skilled in orthopedic manual therapy and have achieved post-doctorate level training in spinal and peripheral joint mobilization and manipulation. Manual therapy has been proven in the literature to facilitate the rehab process, speed up recovery, reduce pain, and improve outcomes when compared to exercise alone.

We follow clinical guidelines and utilize these skills when it is applicable to your specific condition. Each visit at Equilibrium is 1:1 in a private treatment room with a manual therapy hi/lo table, which allows for your skilled clinician to spend the necessary time with you to improve joint mobility and reduce pain with hands-on techniques.  We pride ourselves here at at equilibrium as being one of the premier manual therapy clinics in NYC and are located conveniently on the upper east side of Manhattan.

Here are some common advanced manual therapy certifications which physical therapists can obtain:

A physical therapist may be certified in Manual Therapy from a variety of different Organizations.  Manual Therapy focuses on joint mobilization and manipulation and provides a physical therapist with advanced hands on techniques to rehabilitate patients.  Each organization teaches a slightly different method of practice, but all lead to advanced clinical practice.  A physical therapist must take a series of courses and pass a certification exam in order to carry one of these advanced designations.

COMT:   Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist

MCMT:   Mastery Certification in Manual Therapy

MTC:     Manual Therapy Certification

CMPT:   Certified Manual Physical Therapist