ModPod Mechanical Cervical Traction

Modpod® was first released in 2017 and it is the first portable mechanical traction device used to treat acute and chronic neck pain. Most clinics utilize a pneumatic traction pump which does not provide a consistent or specifically measured traction force. Modpod® allows for a customized amount of traction force applied to the cervical spine with programmed treatment times.

Modpod® works by creating repeatable, customized pulling forces to the cervical spine. These forces increase circulation, reduce inflammation, improve mobility, reduce muscle tension, and create decompressive forces on the disk, all of which contribute to a reduction in debilitating pain.

Radicular pain (nerve impingement) is most commonly caused by a disc herniation or stenosis (arthritic narrowing of the canals where nerve roots exit the spine). Recent studies clearly support the use of mechanical intermittent traction, showing excellent results in treating radicular pain in short, medium and long-term follow-ups.